Define Global  Ltd 

age LOC Galvanic Spa​Body conductive surface and pulsating currents optimise the benefits of the selected ageLOC Galvanic Body Spa products for the skin of the arms, body and thighs (face available)smoothing and firming the skin of your body. 



Offers a complete approach to  optimise the way you feel with food supplements formulated to nourish and protect your body through innovative products helping you feel your best.


NU Skin

NU Skin 180

Gentle yet powerful cell renewal specialist. Targets visible signs of ageing by enhancing your skin's natural renewal rate and diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


Define Skin Systems

Minimises the 'orange peel' look

Improve the appearance  of skin's firmness

Helps diminish cellulite

Smoother skin

​Freshen appearance

​​Our world-renown scientists have created a comprehensive  product line to help you defy the ageing process  minimising it's effects both inside and out. ​

​From moisturisers to vitamins and the perfect cellulite reduction and anti wrinkle reduction tools in the Galvanic Spa products, our NU Skin range has something for you.

​Whether looking to create a customer account for regular purchases, gift ideas or simply purchase every now and again we can help defy and define the ageing process.

​Salon owner? Speak to us to offer NU Skin in your salon and recommend perfect products for your customers

​Take a look through our online brochure and place your order for delivery or contact us for more information.