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​​​​​​Enjoy whiter, brighter teeth with the most effective and quickest procedure.

Dental Diode Laser Whitening uses a soft tissue laser designed for a wide variety of oral soft tissue procedures. This laser utilises a solid-state diode as a laser energy source and the energy is delivered to the treatment area by the hand piece, all increasing the efficiency of the whitening process. 

​The dramatically shorter treatment time avoids excessive heat and sensitivity (common to other whitening devices) allowing comfort, safety and self-confidence.

Define Smile

Define Smile System

Precise clear operating field

Minimal or no bleeding

Faster healing

Quicker treatment time

Less stress

Consistent results 

Define Smile 1

Wavelength 810 nm or 980 nm

Operating mode CW or pulsed

Aiming Beam  3MW/635 nm Red Diode

Power source AC 110 V - 240 V

3 year warranty

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