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I am convinced that it works.

I have never had any kind of cosmetic treatment before and I was suitably sceptical but I confess that I am convinced that it works. There is less of a pouch and the fat has not come back despite going on holiday. 

Sophie C.

Define Smooth

Eliminate hair re-growth effectively and painlessly while leaving the surrounding skin undamaged. Define Global supplies the Diode Laser Hair removal system so that you can offer this method of  permanent hair removal in your salon or spa.

Treatments across Kent in

Doo-Da's Maidstone

Gorj Strood and Gorj Gillingham

I am very happy with the results.

The treatment was easier than I expected.  The results were not dramatic immediately but I noticed a definite flatter tummy over the next few weeks. My jeans were easier to fasten so I am very happy with the results. 

Melanie P.

Define Yourself



Cryolipolysis is the revolutionary fat freezing technology that destroys up to 40% of fat cells in treated areas. With minimal side effects and no downtime required it is rapidly becoming a popular choice for non-invasive fat removal. Define Global supply everything that you need to get started offering treatments in your spa or salon.

NU Skin​​

​Glance forward in time and see a more youthful looking you. As authorised distributers, we are committed to helping you achieve the best version of you. State of the art skin care solutions and food supplements formulated to help you defy the visible signs of ageing.

Define Contour

Create your new shape with Cryolipolysis non-invasive fat freezing technology. No surgery, downtime or side-effects. One session typically reduces up to 40% of fat cells in the treated area. Define Global supplies Cryolipolysis systems and machines  to offer treatments.

​​​​​​Define Global Ltd is a worldwide leader in non-invasive aesthetic technology and solutions and distributer of NU Skin beauty products, state-of-the-art skin care solutions and food supplements.

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